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Acerca de SUR

History of SUR

SUR was founded in 2006 by a core of young engineers and researchers from the aerospace industry, with the vision of developing advanced capabilities of Software Engineering, Remote Sensing and User Training for applying Earth observation satellites to the resolution of complex social and economic problems.


The first development was SuriPluma, a satellite image viewer of free distribution, in English and Spanish, which had thousands of users around the world. This garage development represented an organizational and technological test for the team, and became the basis for further developments.

Also in the beginning, the founding team participated in some programs for technological entrepreneurs in which it obtained several recognitions, such as the first prize in the category "Information and communication technologies" of "Emprendedores 2006 of the SME magazine of Clarín newspaper" and the SME Institute of the Bank "Ciudad de Buenos Aires".

In this first period of SUR, a geospatial production system of client-server type was also developed and put into operation. This system allowed the automatic daily, weekly and monthly calculation of agronomic application products derived from thousands of images obtained from NASA and NOAA.

These acknowledgments and technological successes made it possible to obtain a first technological innovation contract with CONAE, the Space Agency of Argentina, in which SUR was entrusted with the development of digital satellite image processing software, the first in Latin America of its kind. This development, based on SuriPluma, gave rise to SuriLib, a geospatial software library that is the technological base of diverse applications that are used today by tens of thousands of users.


SUR begins an intensive work with CONAE to develop the 2Mp Program, a comprehensive project of technological development and mass training of users in satellite technology of Earth observation, unprecedented at a global level, reaching hundreds of thousands of children of school age. SUR intervenes in this project with an interdisciplinary team of professionals in Software Engineering, Remote Sensing and Education Sciences, which allowed it to successfully face this great challenge posed by CONAE.

At the same time, a deepening of geospatial software engineering and image processing capabilities is undertaken, incorporating web and distributed systems, and following the idea of applying these technologies in various sectors such as Agro, Environment, Mining, Oil and Gas. For this, SUR designs and develops the first integral line of geospatial software in Latin America, the Suri products, including SuriWebGIS and SuriMovil, from which dozens of productive implementations are carried out in various sectors of several Latin American countries, reaching several thousand users.


SUR together with CONAE develops the SoPI Project , a satellite image processing desktop solution with GIS user interface, developed based on the SuriLib library. In addition to software, SUR develops user training courses and application cases for various productive sectors. The SoPI community exceeds 10,000 users from agrotechnical school students to professionals from the public and private sector.

SUR develops software engineering and embedded systems advanced capabilities for the aerospace industry, incorporating the European spatial standard ECSS.

SUR certifies ISO 9001: 2008 + 90003: 2014 with scope "Software Engineering, Research, Development and Transfer of Geospatial Technologies".


SUR begins an intensive engineering work for satellites SAOCOM Earth observation with SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) technology in the L band. SUR develops the application segment for strategic sectors, such as Agro and Flood Emergencies. It also develops several systems of the ground segment, such as the CALVAL system of the SAR and the Catalog for Users. SUR provides engineering services for the flight segment too.

SUR undertakes the development of the new generation of its geospatial capabilities with the aim of providing innovative solutions to various social and productive sectors. Among other cutting-edge technological capabilities are the SuriNG geospatial production framework, value-added solutions with drones and new satellites (NewSpace), computer vision and machine learning, SAR applications, augmented reality.